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My name is Sohan Kaur Khalsa and I’m a freelance designer, calligrapher and artist in Austin, TX. I love working on tactile projects, it’s so refreshing to feel the texture of paper or canvas as the pen and brush glide across. I’ve been a digital yogini since the age of two from our first Commodore 64 and it comes naturally now to share those skills with business owners. So you’ll find the digital and handmade sewn together throughout my portfolio. Speaking of the portfolio, take a click that way and check out all the different projects I’ve enjoyed crafting. Blessings!

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Words from Past Clients

Ram Prakash Yoga Logo Small

After seeing Sohan’s work I knew I wanted her to create my logo. Despite being very vague and unclear about what I wanted Sohan was somehow able to decipher what I was saying into a visual design and came up with a number of samples. From there I gave her feedback  until she came up with the perfect logo. I found Sohan’s patience and intuitive ability to interpret my words into a visual concept astounding. I’m extremely happy with my design and am excited about sharing my beautiful new business card.

– Carolyn, Adelaide, Australia

Update 3 years later!

People love my card. When they see for the first time they always comment on how beautiful it is. Thank you for your design!

– Carolyn, Adelaide, Australia

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