Aquarian Astrology's New Logo and Branding

Siri Deva needed a new logo for his astrology business and wanted to update the look of his business collateral as well. We worked together to create a card that helped to convey the theme of the business and symbolize it’s name as well. This theme was then carried into the business cards.

Aquarius is a sign of air and a symbol of a shift from the Piscean age where we were ruled by male dominance and ruthlessness to a certain extent. The Aquarian age is more about a feminine, soft approach to life with truth as a major motive and purpose. The logo using the Pisces symbol on the outside shifting into the water symbol of the Aquarius seemed like an appropriate balance for this logo design. View different iterations of the logo concepts on the right.


Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Completion date 2013