Conscious Communication Quote

This quote by Yogi Bhajan is presented in modern watercolor calligraphy with a rose and twig oval watercolor painting border. The color of the calligraphy fades from one to the next in ombre fashion to create a delicate effect for this piece. The border design can easily be incorporated into invitations and other printed designs.

This quote is a personal favorite of mine. It reminds me to keep connecting with clients when things feel stuck in a project and find a positive solution to the design or issue. Just keep communicating!

…when the adversity will hit, the communication will break. Never break the communication, neither with an enemy nor a friend. Keep communicating. That’s what God does. Just understand, communication is vibration. Keep vibrating, but positively. Never listen to negativity.

– Yogi Bhajan, 7.10.1985


Watercolor on paper

Pointed pen watercolor calligraphy on paper

9″ x 12″

Completion date 2016

Watercolor calligraphy and communication quote by Yogi Bhajan
Watercolor calligraphy and communication quote by Yogi Bhajan